Musk Melon Health Benefits:

Musk melon is known more popularly in America as cantaloupes even though these two fruits have slight differences. As with all melons its not surprising that musk melons also have a very high water content. The water you get from

fruits and vegetables is much better at getting into our cells than the water we drink which can go right through our bod occasionally. This keeps our skin looking soft smooth and plump especially as we age, but there are many other health benefits you can get from consuming musk melon

Vitamin A rich:

Musk Melons are rich in vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant that travels through your body fighting off free radicals and inflammation. Additionally, it strengthens the muscles in your eye, also guarding it against potential future damage like cataract using the compound known as beta-carotene.

Health cardiovascular health:

Being high in potassium musk melons help promote the strength of your bones, muscles and cardiovascular system. If you struggle with high blood pressure, this may also help reduce it.

Have diabetes problems?

Since there exists very little fat in musk melon and a fair amount of fiber, musk melon is a candidate in helping control diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels with a high degree of efficiency.

Enhanced immune system:

Musk melons have a lot of vitamin C in them which is crucial in producing white blood cells that fight off infection and keeping your body running efficiently.

Cholesterol of 0:

A perfect food choice for those who struggle with high cholesterol or just people who never want to have high cholesterol.

Reduce kidney stone chances:

There is a compound known as oxyline which is shown to inhibit the chances of getting kidney stones as well as other kidney problems

Improved pregnancy conditions:

A fundamental property in musk melon is the substantial folate content in it. Folate is responsible for removing excess sodium and greatly diminishes water retention problems that face pregnant women.

Better sleep quality:

Some studies have shown that musk melons can relax nerves and muscles in the brain which can improve your sleep quality and even help disorders like insomnia. Just be sure not to eat it too close to when you sleep as your body will switch to digestion mode and interrupt your sleep.

Able to relieve brain stress:

Eating musk melon can improve the amount of oxygen that flows to the brain which in turn will have a relaxing effect.

Ease toothaches:

If you boil the skin of the musk melon and swish and rinse this mixture in your mouth at least once a day it will comfort toothaches, this is due to specific properties that exist in the musk melon.

Acid reflux relief:

Musk melon has neutral ph which can provide health benefits for people that have issues with acid reflux.

Vitamin B rich:

Musk melons have a fair amount of vitamin b and when mixed with some protein that musk melon also has it leads to stronger nails and hair. Additionally, as you age, it will aid in preventing or slowing hair loss that some people may otherwise experience.

Stronger heart protection:

Musk melon has a chemical in it known as adenosine; this will thin your blood and help you to avoid blood clots.

Help you quit smoking:

Musk melons have the properties necessary to aid in symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal allowing you to go longer without smoking with less discomfort. These melons also help strengthen your lungs to revert some of the damage done.

Note: Eating musk melons will not completely revert the effects caused by cigarettes.

Slightly improve your mood:

There are very mild properties contained in musk melon that have anti-depressive effects.

Better digestion:

Due to the high fiber content contained in musk melon, it can cure constipation and improve digestion for all foods which will significantly reduce the likelihood of indigestion.

How to consume it?

There are many ways to consume musk melon

  • Boil the skin to rinse in your mouth.
  • Dry the seeds, and you can then put them in your salad or curd. The seeds still provide all the benefits
  • Put it into a smoothie or in your yogurt, but make sure to slice up appropriately sized pieces
  • Ice cream: this takes more effort but, if you churn a couple of slices of musk melon into a mixer. Squeeze some lemon juice from the top and place it in the freezer for a few hours and it will be ready to go.

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