The 4 Best Protein Bars of 2019

The 4 Best Protein Bars of 2019

One of the easiest and best ways to satisfy your hunger, protein bars are extremely optimal for getting optimal amounts of protein, and calories, additionally they are very easy to prepare because you only unwrap them. Protein bars are perfect for fueling yourself while hiking or after just getting back from the gym. The Protein Bar industry has been exploding in the last few years, and there’s no doubt you see this when going to any grocery store. With all these options now available to you how do you know which ones are the best of your goals? Before you buy everything and do your tests, we will save you the time. Below, I will break down the best protein bar for every diet, and supplementing flavors for your taste bud.

The Best Overall: CLIF BAR Chocolate Chip

The Clif Bar is the top tier choice when you’re looking for a tasty snack that will be sure to fill your stomach, halting all growling. This bar, made with an emphasis on giving you energy through its 250 calories, 9g of protein, 4g of fiber, and 45g of carbohydrates. The Chocolate Chip Clif Bar features a chocolate chip flavor but you will also be able to find peanut butter and oatmeal flavors from Clif, lastly, Clif bars are made with better ingredients like oats, almonds, and dates which will leave you guilt free while eating and experience a boost in energy.

Touted as having one of the most delicious flavors, beautiful textures, and its ability to satisfy hunger even when you are incredibly active. When it comes to health, Clif Bars are known for having a leg up on other bars due to them having no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no GMOs. These facts give you the peace of mind that you’re getting the nutrition without any unnecessary fillers and crappy ingredients that are put in merely to cut costs and give it a somewhat good taste.

Best Low Carb: Marigold Whey Protein Bars pack of 12

Marigold paleo protein bars are ideal for when you’re searching for a quick bite that still has excellent, nutritious ingredients. These bars are free of gluten, grain, hormones, lactose, casein, and soy free, being able to please a wide assortment of hypersensitivities and dietary ways of life. The nutritious Marigold bars have just 2 grams of sugar and only 7 grams carbs. You wouldn’t think so, but with 20 grams of the protein. It’s perfect for satisfying the ravenous feelings your stomach gives you.

At around $50 for a container of 12, these are the absolute most costly protein bars on this list, yet they’re so thick with valuable nutrients that they can be worth the slight price increase if low carb is your ideal protein bar. The flavors the bars come in are also very unique, ChunkyChoco Pecan, and Coconut Rage. How often do you gift those flavors to your tastebuds?


Best Low-Calorie: Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Cookies and Cream

Since high protein bars can likewise be large in calories, it’s usually hard to make them work for your weight reduction routine. If weight reduction is your objective, we recommend one of these treats and cream-seasoned bars from Quest Nutrition, these bars are immaculate when you’re on an eating regimen and still searching for something to fulfill your sweet tooth.

This Quest Nutrition bar has just a single gram of sugar, 3 grams carbs, without gluten and high in fiber. In any case, with 21 grams of protein, I guarantee you won’t miss any of that other stuff. What’s more, in spite of being sugar-free this protein bar still contains some of the best tasting flavors like apple pie and cookies and cream.


Best Gluten-Free: RXBAR Real Food Protein Bar

When you are going gluten-free, it’s best to have snacks close by for when you need a quick bite. Most inexpensive food options can be restricted when trying to stay gluten-free, inevitably leading to disappointment. To ensure you advance beyond this and stop hunger before it begins, make sure you have one of these Chocolate Sea Salt RX Bars on hand.

These healthy protein bars don’t have filler fixings or hyper-processed proteins, so your body is getting natural ingredients that it needs and able to digest very quickly so you will not need to deal with bloating. While also being gluten free these bars are made with no additional sugars, no soy, no dairy, and no GMOs. These tasty, chocolatey bars are likewise an excellent alternative for those of you calorie counters our there.

I hope you enjoyed the post and found it useful if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to list them down below